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ships too many ships, watch too many things.

this blog is a multifandom mess.

Undying love for jyj & mao mao

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snsd gifs
jyj gifs
1 of 2003
sunhwa for vogue girl ♡ color palettes 

I didn’t had this shit  even for a whole year

24/∞ pictures of Jiyeon
24/ pictures of Jiyeon 

I don’t even have the heart to cry for my phone cause I cried after I bought it and thought I had lost

I’m just mad


my iphone screen just broke


hyuna for vogue girl 2014


when you try your best


but you dont succeed


I’ll end up just giffing ballons mv


to people that sleep with their bedroom doors open:you are brave but you are going to die young

so hard to find good db5k videos to gif ;-;

I’m almost choosing big bang for the choose one meme


Nana with blonde hair ♥ Requested by infinite-addicted

make me choose:
↳  asked: SNSD or EXO

We will show you a SNSD that works even harder in the future. We will try hard to deserve even more love in the future as well.” - Sunny

Anonymous asked:
hii! :) this gifset is soooo pretty♥♥ /post/83470722909/make-me-choose-taetiseo-or-orange-caramel the colors look great!♥ can you share the psd you used in it,please? thanks in advance!

thank you anony ♥
and I don’t have the psd because I mixed a bunch I had in my computer, since they aren’t mine I can’t share 
sorry again :(



In fifth grade we were making little clay statues and mine came out shitty so I left a big air pocket in it so it would explode when the teacher put it in the kiln and it exploded so hard it destroyed ten other kids’s statues and they were all on the verge of tears I thought it was really funny I still do